The Maybach – an automobile icon. State-of-theart technology, premium-quality materials and supreme comfort are expressions of the „Excellence refined“ philosophy and justify the position of leader in the automobile premium segment. 

MY COUPE is based upon the Maybach 57 S and represents the best of two worlds: extrovertedly sporty design with ultimate comfort – an insurpassable mix for the passionate owner-driver requiring impressive performance and personalized luxury. 

Supreme craftismanship. Characterful design language. The transformation from legendary limousine into sporty coup’e. MY COUPE’s luxurios interior offers ample space for driver and passengers, features the most up-to-date technology and the highest levels of comfort for all aboard. 
The design: unique
The dynamics: unforgettable.
Your driving experience: unlimitedly different.


Each MY COUPE is truly unique: individual-customer wishes made real. For the new Coupè has revived a long forgotten tradition. Worldwide distribution will be handcrafted in Germany in keeping with the same high standards as made Maybach, Bugatti and Duesenberg into automobile legends in the 1920s and 1930s. 

At the time, most demanding customer wishes for individual automobiles were fulfilled by highly skilled German coachbuilders. Fredrik Burchardt, the creator of the dramatic Maybach Exelero, designed the MY COUPE to surpass the highest expectations. Talented craftsmen built individual masterpieces which reflected the client’s wishes in every small detail and made automotive history. Such automobiles were as fascinating in their day as they are today. Subsequent technological developments eventually led to the industrialisation of the automobile industry and the demise of such production methods. 

The principle: 100 years old.
The execution: state-of-the-art.


Self-assured. Characterful. Exuding typical Maybach-DNA. And as unique as your own fingerprint. Whatever the client requires a wish comes true. Individual consultation and a wealth of individual for the fulfilment of the most personal requirements. Paints, leather upholsteries, optional equipment, bespoke solutions - the result: as individual as you. 


MY COUPE’s vast expertise in the field of special- purpose vehicles is at your complete disposal, spanning all areas of the master coachbuilder’s art even extending to armouring the MY COUPE to B6 / B7 levels for ultimate protection.